What's new?

Here's the latest about features, improvements and bug fixes.

Bug fixes and improvements

This update marks the last update of the year and includes a few bug fixes and improvements. The reminders now work more reliably and the changes set the stage for introducing more timezones in the future. When you leave a train of thought, the application now warns you that some content may not be saved. This acts as a second net against accidental data loss.

Share your thoughts

You can now share your thoughts publicly, by clicking on the share button from within a train of thought. As soon as you've done that, you can send the URL to anybody, even if they don't have ann account with Ummm and they'll be able to see a read-only version of your train of thought. Your updates will always be visible to them as well, so your notes are automatically kept up to date.

Markdown export and import

It's now possible to export your trains of thought as Markdown archives. At the same time this updates introduces the possibility to import your thoughts from Markdown files, making migrations from other tools or previously written notes easier.

List view for all trains of thought

To make the overview a little easier, it is now possible to toggle between the current preview mode, which will show all your thoughts as little cards and a more simple view that allows for greater overview as your collection of thoughts grows.

Focus mode and mobile improvements

This update introduces the first iteration of focus mode. It allows you to focus on a single item from your train of thought and edit it without being distracted by your other thoughts. It also improves the mobile experience, which will be further refined over the coming weeks.

Reminders and color coding

You can now see a list of your upcoming reminders right from the overview, as well as color-code your cards in a train of thought. Both improvements aim to help navigate your a growing number of notes and trains of thought and get to your desired note faster.

Hotkeys and small improvements

This update adds first hotkeys to save and search through your trains of thought. It also adds a lot of small improvements to the UI and includes some first fixes for working with Ummm on Windows.

Searching inside a train of thought

This little update allows us to search for words and phrases inside our trains of thought and to jump straight to those thoughts containing what we searched for. It also adds the ability to name our trains of thought to get to them faster from the overview.

Better overview and re-ordering with the new sidebar

As your train of thought grows beyond ten cards or more it can be increasingly hard to quickly find what you're looking for. The sidebar can be extended to give you a list or card overview which helps to navigate your thoughts and allows you to re-order existing cards.

Search your thoughts for other lines of thought

Quickly search and insert thoughts by title or content. The search gives you a little preview of the items to insert and it's planned to enable inserting as a copy or direct reference.