A different approach to note-taking and research

Write down your thoughts in discrete but connected lines of thought, expanding horizontally with time.

Made for professional thinkers and researchers

Because your brain is for thinking, not for storing and sorting ideas.

Markdown editor

Focus on your writing and quickly add formatting to your plain text notes.


Cross-link to any other of your notes, preview it and insert a copy with just one click.

Focus mode

Stay in your train of thought, but focus on a single idea by temporarily hiding other notes.


Never lose your train of thought. Set email reminders to come back to ideas you left unfinished.


When simple notes aren't enough, create powerful mindmaps to capture your ideas.


Embed full websites in your train of thought, side by side with your notes and ideas.

Always capture your ideas in the right format.

Make use of different types of cards to capture every thought in the right format. From simple notes to mindmaps and more, choose from a variety of different formats that are fully searchable and can even be inserted from previous trains of thought.

Always stay inside your train of thought.

Embed websites and links right in your train of thought and reference in your notes right next to them. Avoid context-switching and keep your focus when doing research, instead of opening a new tab every time you want to look something up on a website.

Spend more time thinking & less time sorting your thoughts.